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iO Cracked Lupins

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iO Cracked Lupins are widely used as a source of protein and energy in livestock feeds.

Their high protein content makes them a valuable resource for monogastric and ruminant production systems as they are cost competitive with a wide range of other protein sources.
Part of our Premium Grains Range – thoroughly cleaned and locally sourced Cracked Lupins. Less dust, less wastage and more nutrition!

Active Constituent: Approx: 90% Dry Matter, 30% Crude Protein, 13% Metabolisable Energy (Mj/kg DM)

Quick Facts & Benefits: Ruminant animals can readily digest all components of narrow leafed lupin grain, as resident microbial populations provide the enzymes required to degrade the soluble and insoluble complex carbohydrates.
A big advantage of lupin grain is that ruminants typically do not require an introduction period to avoid the potential problem of acidosis.
This is due to its low starch level and relatively high digestible crude fibre content. Lupin grains are also large, highly palatable and easy to broadcast into thick cereal stubbles.