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iO Cider Vinegar (8% Vitamin B1 Garlic)

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iO Cider Vinegar 8% with Vitamin B1 and Garlic helps build immunity-fighting bad bacteria, and promote good bacteria.

Used as a regular part of feeding, it is believed to assist with arthritis and joint conditions. Apple cider vinegar helps acidify the stomach for optimum digestion.

Quick Facts & Benefits: As a natural insect control, Apple Cider Vinegar has been known to cause thiamine (Vitamin B1) to be excreted through the skin, repelling flies and mosquitoes. Optimum levels of B vitamins (particularly B1) in the body seem to discourage bugs

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions:
Horses : 60mL per animal per day
Cattle : 250mL per animal per day

Active Constituent: Thiamine (Vitamin B1) has a role in promoting carbohydrate metabolism providing increased energy. Vitamin B1 also has a role in nerve function. Some claim it calms animals. Whilst others claim it aids in heart and muscle function.
Apple Cider Vinegar is prepared from low acid, low tannin dessert apples, which are crushed andthen fermented. The product appears cloudy, but settles to form a sediment or curd at the bottom of the container. Apple Cider Vinegar also contains Vitamin B1 2g/L. Horses are able to synthesise Vitamin B1 in the colon by bacterial action, however, further supplement of this vitamin is beneficial in horses fed poor quality pasture, hay and grain.