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iO Biotin

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iO Biotin is the rate limiting nutrient in maintaining healthy hoofs.

iO Biotin is a water soluble B-group vitamin, which cannot be stored in the body and is lost through urination and sweating, therefore requiring daily supplementation.

Quick Facts & Benefits: iO Biotin is essential for repairing hoof defects, as well as being essential for normal skin, hair and coat development.

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions: Mix Biotin powder into the feed. Treatment with iO Biotin should continue for 6-9 months for the maximum therapeutic effect. The recommended dose rate is 15g per 100kg of body weight twice daily for medium (400kg) and heavy horses (600kg). 90g once daily for light horses (300kg) and 60g twice daily for ponies and weanlings.
Comes with 30g measured scoop for convenience.

Active Constituent: Biotin 180mg/kg in a calcium base.