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iO Smart Grain IGR Grain Protection

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For mixing with un-infested cereal grain for protection against immature stages of lesser grain borer, rust-red flour beetle and sawtoothed grain beetle. Up to 9 months protection of most Cereal grains including Barley, Wheat, Sorghum & Oats.

Active Constituent: 300g/L s-methoprene

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions:250ml and 1L (treats 125T and 500T).

Controls & Prevents: Covers all pests on all cereals for both domestic and export.

Quick Facts & Benefits:
• Conserve treats lesser grain borers only.
• No withholding period.
• Can be used for re-treatments.
• No export restrictions.
• Provides up to 9 months protection when tank mixed with an approved adulticide such as IO-Fenitrothion, Reldan or Actelic.
• Proprietary food based formulation.