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iO Jet Away Blowfly & Lice

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iO Jetaway Blowfly & Lice is for the treatment of and protection against blowfly strike on sheep for up to 12 weeks under low to moderate fly pressure and treatment of biting lice by jetting in long-woolen sheep.

Active Constituent: 16g/L Ivermectin

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions: JETTING FOR BLOWFLY STRIKE: When applied as directed by hand jetting or by modified Harrington
jetting race JET AWAY BLOWFLY AND LICE JETTING FLUID FOR SHEEP protects sheep against strike by
blowflies (Lucilia cuprina, L. sericata, Chrysomya rufifacies and Calliphora nociva) (including OP resistant
strains of Lucilia cuprina) for 12 weeks under low to moderate fly pressure and will control maggots in
existing strikes in the treated areas.
HAND DRESSING OF STRUCK SHEEP: JET AWAY can be applied at the blowfly dilution rate for
treatment of blowfly strike wounds. Sheep should be sheared/clipped around the strike wound before
saturating the area.
HAND JETTING FOR LICE: When applied as directed by hand-jetting JET AWAY also treats biting lice
(Bovicola ovis), including synthetic pyrethroid resistant strains in long woolled sheep until the next shearing. Testing has confirmed that JET AWAY mixes with waters of various hardness. Use either a jetting handpiece with multiple nozzles that can be combed through the fleece or a “Dutjet” jetting wand. The jetting handpiece should deliver a penetrating jet of fluid without producing a spray or mist. A modified Harrington jetting race can also be used.

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