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SpinOff Pour-On For Sheep

For the control of Spinosad-susceptible lice (Bovicola ovis), including strains resistant to Synthetic Pyrethroids (SPs), in sheep up to 7 days off-shears and sheep with long wool.

Active constituent: 20 g/L SPINOSAD.

Recommended applicator: iO 30ml Applicator with 4 hole T Bar Kit (31845).

Dosage & Administration: Apply iO SPINOFF POUR-ON evenly along the backline from the poll to the base of the tail using a manual or powered applicator with an iO SPINOFF POUR-ON 4-hole t-bar nozzle. Halve the dose volume and apply in 2 bands, approximately 5 cm from the mid-point of the backline on each side. Applying the product to the flanks will improve the spread of iO SPINOFF POUR-ON.

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