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iO Electrolyte Liquid for Horses

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iO Electrolyte Liquid is a nutritional supplement to assist in maintaining and restoring the animals normal electrolyte balance where level may be low in body tissues during heavy exercise and in hot weather conditions.

iO Electrolyte Liquid is great and beneficial for: Fluid and body salt replacement after exercise, encourages drinking at competition & rapid recovery after travelling. With a handy portable container, the iO Electrolyte Liquid allows you to take this to shows, games, events or even carry around the paddocks!
iO Electrolyte Liquid is highly palatable powder that maintains optimum body fluid balance.
Made in Australia.

Quick Facts & Benefits: iO Electrolyte Liquid for Horses is a palatable apple flavour which allows for a wider acceptance by horses.
As iO Electrolyte Liquid for Horses can be used immediately, there is no need to wait
for the horse’s next meal to replenish any electrolytes that may have been lost. iO Electrolyte Liquid for Horses has been designed for the specific needs of horses of all disciplines to rapidly replace fluids and body salts lost, and contains a high rate of electrolytes per mL.

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions: Rate of Use: Always make sure there is plenty of fresh, clean water available following the intake of this liquid. Horses 450kg to 500kg: Light work – 40ml in 2L of water. Moderate work – 60ml in 3L of water. Heavy work – 80ml in 4L of water.
For severely dehydrated horses: 6L to 8L of diluted solution (40ml iO Electrolyte Liquid/L of Water)
Travelling horses: 40ml to 60ml over the tongue with water during hot weather or long distances, 30 to 60 minutes before travelling. Repeat every 2 hours and again on arrival.

Active Constituent: Each litre contains: Chloride 63.96gm, Sodium 40.45gm, Potassium 30.36gm, Phosphate 23.17gm, Sulphate 11.59gm, Magnesium 2.93gm, Glucose 260gm

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