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iO Poultry Grain Mix

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iO Poultry Grain Mix is made from a high quality of mixed nutritious grains that will keep any chook happy.

Made by Australia’s leading manufacturer exclusively for you.
iO Poultry Grain contains a range of whole and cracked grains and seeds that assist in completing the poultry diet. It’s formulated to entice birds and encourage their natural foraging behaviour.

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions: Place it on the ground for the natural scratching and foraging or place in a feeding container undercover to keep it all in one place and safe from pests.
The iO Poultry Grain Mix is suitable for all breeds above 16 weeks of age.

Quick Facts & Benefits: Suitable for a wide range of Chickens (except hatchlings). Promotes quality skin and feathering. Easily digested and suitable for year-round feeding.

Seed Breakdown:
Grain Sorghum – 220g/kg, Black Sunflower Seed – 40g/kg, Corn – 15g/kg, Medium Grit – 30g/kg, Shell Grit – 15g/kg, White French Millet – 15g/kg, Safflower – 15g/kg, Dunpeas – 35g/kg, Lupins – 10g/kg, Corn – 125g/kg, Canola – 15g/kg, Wheat – 420g/kg, Oil – 5g/kg