Biennial Blend

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Excellent hay and grazing option that delivers multiple silage and hay cuts for dairy, beef and sheep. Suited to regions with a longer growing season and higher rainfall, Biennial blend will persist into a second year in favourable conditions. Combines the benefits of diploid, tetraploid and clovers for the ultimate in winter and late spring quality yields.

Sow in autumn or early spring (when sown in spring it’s very resistant to heading).

Blend Contents:

40% Achieve diploid Italian ryegrass
36% Amass tetraploid Italian ryegrass
12% Shaftal clover (coated)
12% Balansa clover (coated)

Blend Benefits:Suited to regions with longer growing season and higher rainfall, Will persist into 2nd year if conditions are favourable, Multiple silage and hay  cuts and Recovers well from heavy grazing

Stock: Dairy, Beef and Sheep.

Use: Grazing Silage Hay.

Sowing: Autumn.

Growing: Winter, Early Spring.

Technical Specs: 

  • Rainfall           600mm+
  • Sowing            25-30kg/ ha
  • Period              1-2 year