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Perennial Blend

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The blend is developed and bred to meet the specific demands of Australia farmers and the variable climatic conditions faced every year, to deliver higher productivity and improve profits.

Blend Contents:

40% Dunstan diploid perennial ryegrass
40% Caretaker II diploid perennial ryegrass
12% Riverina sub clover (coated)
8% Narrikup sub clover (coated)

Blend Benefits: Persistent ryegrass blend suitable to a wide range of environments, Balanced with regenerative sub clovers and Endophyte free.

Stock: Dairy, Beef and Sheep.

Use: Grazing Silage Hay (2nd Year).

Sowing: Autumn.

Growing: Late Winter, Spring, Late Autumn.

Technical Specs: 

  • Rainfall           600mm+
  • Sowing            25kg/ ha
  • Period              3-5 year+