Equine Blend

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Hard wearing nil endophyte blend that can withstand heavy, close grazing. Low levels of legumes in the blend support growth of grasses, whilst reducing risk of founder.

Sow in autumn for late winter, spring and late autumn.

Blend Contents:

52% Dunstan diploid perennial ryegrass
16% Porto cocksfoot
4% Creeping red fescue
4% Kentucky bluegrass
24% Riverina sub clover (coated)

Blend Benefits: Hard wearing and able to withstand heavy grazing, Low levels of legumes support growth of grasses whilst reducing the risk of founder and Nil endophyte.

Stock: Horses and Alpacas.

Use: Grazing.

Sowing: Autumn.

Growing: Late Winter, Spring, Late Autumn.

Technical Specs: 

  • Rainfall           550mm+
  • Sowing            20-25kg/ ha
  • Period              3-5 year+