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iO Copper Sulphate

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iO Copper Sulphate can be used to control of fungus diseases, correction of copper deficiency in soils, correction of copper deficiency in animals, stimulation of growth for fattening pigs and broiler chickens and also a molluscicide for the destruction of slugs and snails, particularly the snail host of the liver fluke.

iO Copper Sulphate can be made into a paste to assist in removing seedy toe in horses.
iO Copper Sulphate also works as a prevention and treatment of copper deficiency.
It helps reduce inflammation, form strong bones, joints and blood vessels and maintain hair colour.
Product of Australia.

Quick Facts & Benefits: Copper deficiency is often seen in late winter or spring on rapidly growing grassy pastures. Which animals are most at risk? Newborn or young lambs; pregnant, lactating and growing sheep and cattle; sheep and cattle that have been grazed at excessive stocking rates; cattle with heavy worm (Ostertagia) infestations; cattle are more susceptible than sheep to a copper deficiency.