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iO Cod Liver Oil

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iO Cod Liver Oil is a fat-soluble supplementary source of Vitamins A and D.

iO Cod Liver Oil is a special veterinary grade of oil that has not gone through heat treated deodorisation, that many other Cod Liver oils are subject to and allows for maximum naturally occurring Vitamin A and D. iO Cod Liver Oil can also be used for many other animals with joint and bone pain, inflamed areas and dull coats.

Quick Facts & Benefits: iO Cod Liver oil is a superb source of decosaheaxenoic acid, which is also known as DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, which is also known as EPA.
This maintains equine joint flexibility, promotes a healthy glossy coat, boosts your horses immune system, can work as an anti-inflammatory, has anti-allergic properties and encourages a strong metabolism.

Always seek advice from your local veterinary professional.

Active Constituent: Atlantic cod and Pacific cod are most commonly used to make cod liver oil. The fish get their omega-3 fatty acids by eating phytoplankton, which absorb microalgae. Microalgae is the original source of rich omega-3 fatty acids.