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iO Temedip Sheep Dip

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For the control of Temephos susceptible Body Lice (including synthetic pyrethroid resistant strains) on wet or dry short wool sheep by Plunge or Show Dipping.

Rapidly kills and destroys lice very soon after treatment.

Active Constituent: 350g/L Temephos. Solvent: Liquid hydrocarbons 492 g/L

Made in Australia.

Dose Rates & Administration Instructions: Yard sheep the night before dipping. Ensure adequate water is available. Preferably dip early in the morning and allow sheep to dry before nightfall. No need to reinforce the dip as the dip is non stripping making it really a simple application. Can be applied to wet or dry sheep.

Store below 30 degrees.

Dipping Management The sheep should be thoroughly wetted. Sheep lice live on the skin of the sheep and complete saturation of the fleece is necessary. In a plunge dip each sheep should swim for at least 30 seconds and have its head plunged under twice. Shower dips should be checked prior to commencement of dipping to ensure that the pump and nozzles are operating at the correct pressure and volumes as stipulated by the manufacturer.

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