Annual D Blend

An excellent quality hay option. A later maturing blend with fine diploid leaves, Annual D recovers well from heavy grazing due to high tiller density. The balance of grass and clover makes it supremely nutritious for dairy, beef and sheep.

Sow in autumn for winter and early spring growth.

Blend Contents:

80% Finefeed diploid annual ryegrass
10% Shaftal clover (coated)
10% Balansa clover (coated)

Blend Benefits: Later maturing with fine diploid leaves, Recovers well from heavy grazing due to high tiller density and Balance of grass and clover for supreme nutrition

Stock: Dairy, Beef and Sheep.

Use: Grazing Silage Hay.

Sowing: Autumn.

Growing: Winter, Early Spring.

Technical Specs: 

  • Rainfall           550mm+
  • Sowing            25-30kg/ ha
  • Period              1 year