Phalaris Blend

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This hardy deep-rooted perennial blend gives growers outstanding cool season performance and multiple winter active phalaris options. Suited for challenging conditions, the blend handles acid, waterlogged, drying and heavy soils brilliantly. The combination of sub clovers and Amplify Phalaris promotes improved feed quality and quantity throughout the whole growing season. “The easy to manage pasture blend.”

Sow in autumn for late autumn, winter and spring production.

Blend Contents:

48% Amplify phalaris
26% Riverina sub clover (coated)
26% Narrikup sub clover (coated)

Blend Benefits: Hardy phalaris blend for challenging conditions, Handles waterlogged, heavy soils, Outstanding winter performance Combination of sub clovers for increased diversity and nutrition.

Stock: Beef and Sheep.

Use: Grazing.

Sowing: Autumn.

Growing: Late Winter, Spring, Late Autumn.

Technical Specs: 

  • Rainfall           500mm+
  • Sowing            12.5kg/ ha
  • Period              3-5 year+